Haonan LIU

  • Date and place of birth: 28 May 1994, Taiyuan 03-0006, China
  • Address: East Bldg. 2 (E4-5), 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro, Tokyo 152-8552, Japan
  • E-mail: liu.h.al(at)m.titech.ac.jp

Haonan Liu is a researcher in the field of polymer science. He completed his B.Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology at Zhejiang University, where he conducted research on thermoresponsive gels with crystallizable side chains under the guidance of Prof. Pengju Pan.

Liu pursued further education at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), where he earned both his M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering. During his master’s program, he studied the synthesis, structure, and physical properties of tripodal triptycene-appended vinylic polymers and copolymers under the supervision of Prof. Takanori Fukushima. For his doctoral research, Liu focused on the morphological and nanomechanical characterization of block copolymer-based thermoplastic elastomers, supervised by Prof. Ken Nakajima.

After completing his doctorate, Liu worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Tokyo Tech from April 2022 to March 2023. In April 2023, he joined Prof. Shinji Ando‘s Laboratory at Tokyo Tech as an Assistant Professor, where he continues to contribute to the field of solid-state morphologies and their relationship to the dielectric and optical properties of aromatic polymers.

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